Recently, the new versions REX 17 and PSI 15 were delivered. A special feature of this project phase is that the customers have received two versions, including the well-established REX/PSI classic, as well as a completely revised design prototype, the so-called REX/PSI Next Generation.

The aim of the revision was, on the one hand, to generally redesign the interface of the program, but also to improve the customizability of the interface and the diagrams for the usability of the user. In the end, only the new version will be delivered next year during the two-year period. In the meantime, the design proto-type offers on the one hand the possibility for the user to get familiar with the new interface, on the other hand the new version offers the possibility to actively participate in the development process of the new interfaces via an integrated feedback function - completely in the sense of the joint research project.

In addition to the new interface, further features have been integrated into REX/PSI. Among other things, a new fiber breakage model was developed and implemented. This model does not only consider the calculation in melt-filled zones as before, but also takes into account the transition phase between solid and melt, and can calculate the fiber distribution in the form of frequency classes.

As further functions, the REX3D CFD module has been extended to include the toothed disk mixer, and the calculation for grooved barrel extruders has been improved as well as mixing quality indicators for spiral shearing sections have been implemented.

We wish our customers a lot of pleasure with the use of the new versions!